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Why use is a simple and powerful image optimization tool,
Provide you with the highest image compression rate under the premise of consistent visual quality.

  • Improve your website performance

    If the page takes more than three seconds to load, most users (especially on mobile devices) will choose to close the page. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the file size of all image resources and other media as much as possible.
  • Reduce application size

    Follow Apple’s HIG guide and Google’s Android guide to optimize image resources, Including app icons and iMessage stickers to save storage space, Reduce the use of mobile data and improve user application performance.
  • Protect your privacy

    Safely delete hidden sensitive information from image files without relying on third-party services that may collect your data. ImageTool.appUsing the latest WebAssembly technology, all image processing is done on your computer. So your files are 100% private and safe.

Reduce the size of the picture, not the quality

ImageTool.appUsing the latest image compression algorithm, the compression ratio for PNG, JPG and WEBP images is up to 90%.